Hardinge HLV Parts List

Please note that these part numbers are no longer used at Hardinge Corporation. Some HLV parts are still available because they are used in the modern HLV-H lathes, but the numbering system has changed. Hardinge no longer officially supports the HLV lathe, so please be patient and courtious if you are lucky enough to find a sales person who will help you. I am working on a cross-reference which you will find here.

Page 01: Title
Page 02: Headstock
Page 03: Collet Closer
Page 04: Carriage and Cross Slide Assembly
Page 05: Carriage Handwheel Assembly
Page 06: Apron Assembly
Page 07: Apron Half Nut and Handle Assembly
Page 08: Tool Post Slide
Page 09: Clutch Assembly
Page 10: Power Feed Control Box
Page 11: Power Feed Assembly
Page 12: Gearbox Assembly
Page 13: Gearbox Tumbler and Shaft Assembly
Page 14: Gearbox Intermediate and Reverse Shaft Assembly
Page 15: Gearbox Idler Shaft Assembly
Page 16: Gearbox Change and Cluster Shaft Assembly
Page 17: Gearbox Clutch Shaft Assembly
Page 18: Change Gear Bracket
Page 19: Variable Speed Control Box
Page 20: Variable Speed Actuator Assembly Revision 1
Page 21: Variable Speed Actuator Assembly
Page 22: Variable Speed Pulley Assembly
Page 23: Pedestal Base
Page 24: Electric Control Panel
Page 25: Tailstock
Page 26: Bed
Page 27: Taper Attachment
Page 28: Wiring Diagram