Available Parts for the HLV-B
Some HLV-BK series parts are available and a great many HLV-H parts will work. Hardinge has updated their numbering system and numbers from old parts books are somewhat taxing for the phone order takers. Below is a list of parts I have obtained with current part numbers and prices. (Dec. 2000) If you are successful in ordering other HLV parts not listed here, I would be happy to add them to this table.
Brake Cork FBC-0004160
Motor belt VSG-9624
Spindle belt VSG-9625
Splash shield CW-0006407
Collet closer bearing screws R-0008232
Bushings for drive motor platform pivots VS-9672 2.50
Plastic knobs for carriage levers TL-6126 3.00
Threading chart (Index name plate) HLB-6331 7.50
Three change name plate HLA-9526 2.50
Thread/Feed name plate LHA-9525 2.50
Escutcheon pins for name plates BR-8044 0.75
Carriage lube. pump instruction plate HCD-9931 1.50
Headstock back name plate FB-256 3.00
Dovetail bed name plate HL-256 3.00
Taper attachment gib TL-6472 26.00
Taper attachment gib screws (3) 550310  2.00 each
Taper attachment gib nuts (3) 37A-0000361  2.00 each
Taper attachment lock bolt LH-6827  5.75
Taper attachment shoe TA-6462 174.00
Seals for carriage drive worm wheel shaft HL-10124 5.00
Collet closer bearing R-8233 39.00
Felt oil pads for carriage crank TM-7802 0.50
Carriage gib screws HM-6160 5.75
Carriage oil level window OW-10109
Carriage oil filling cup HL-10277
Carriage drive pinion seal SL-0010434
Taper attachment gib dowel pins TL-6469
Carriage gib LH-6159 90.50
Leadscrew driveshaft nut HL-6329 23.00
Bed mounting stud (3) S6A-8265 15.24 each
Leadscrew drive shaft nut HL-6329 23.00
Carriage worm drive seals

Carriage worm drive bearings

Regrinding the ways
Paint & Solvents
Bearings for top slide and cross slide (4)

Bearings for countershaft (2)

Bearings for spindle motor (2)

Front carriage motor bearing

Rear carriage motor bearing