The Hardinge HLV User's Manual

Page 00-01: Front, Back Cover
Page 00-01: Inside Cover, Title Page
Page 02-03: Examples: Collets, between centers, taper turning
Page 04-05: Examples: Small work, faceplate, step chuck
Page 06-07: Examples: 3 Jaw Chuck, Installation Instructions
Page 08-09: Installation Instructions cont., Machine specifications
Page 10-11: Operating Instructions: Main control levers
Page 12-13: Spindle Lubrication, Variable speed drive
Page 14-15: Driveshaft brake, Adjusting belt tension
Page 16-17: Adjusting collet closer, Removing collet closer
Page 18-19: How to change belts
Page 20-21: How to apply and remove spindle nose tooling
Page 22-23: Carriage and apron controls
Page 24-25: More carriage controls, How to adjust carriage gib
Page 26-27: Carriage and cross slide clutch adjustment
Page 28-29: Removing the crosslide, Power feed controls
Page 30-31: Gear box controls
Page 32-33: Shifting gears, Outside change gears
Page 34-35: Change gear chart 1
Page 36-37: Change gear chart 2
Page 38-39: Thread cutting 1
Page 40-41: Thread cutting 2
Page 42-43: Thread cutting 3, Tailstock
Page 44-45: Floor plan and dimensions, Tooling title page
Page 46-47: Collets, plug chuck, collet stop
Page 48-49: Taper hole collets, jaw chucks, face plates, driving dog
Page 50-51: Step chucks 1
Page 52-53: Step chucks 2
Page 54-55: Indexing turret, toolpost grinder, follower rest
Page 56-57: Taper attachment
Page 58-59: Carriage stop, steady rest
Page 60-61: Radius turning, lamp, centers
Page 62-63: V-center, drill plate, drill chuck, live centers, chair
Page 64-65: Cutting metric threads, Metric gear chart
Page 66-67: Coolant facilities
Page 68-00: Milling machine, inside back cover