Disassembling the HLV-B
You may ask, "Why tear the lathe completely down into parts just to remove the ways for grinding?"
I plan to move the whole machine into my basement shop and I have a wooden stairway. My wife thought she could save herself by buying an old house with a narrow wooden stairway. Ha!

In case you ever need to do such an insane thing, here are the component weights:

Headstock, casting only
Countershaft / speed changer
Carriage with motor and slides
Taper attachment
Leadscrew and stop rod
Control levers
Carriage control box
Coolant pump
Dovetail way
Bed, casting only
Electrical box
Filth (removed)
How obsessive! Total: 1340 lbs

I keep subtracting these weights from the estimated total of 1250, hoping to end up with nice small numbers for the bed and cabinet so I can roll them downstairs into my machine shop with a Yates appliance dolly.
Update: The actual total, nuts, bolts and everything, comes to 1340 lbs.

The pictures that follow are mostly taken in my garage where the forklift unloaded the machine.
I got a lot of help from the HLVH maintenance manual, but the HLV-BK model is different in many key areas.
Another key resource for advice and especially inspiration has been Kurt Bjorn, who restored his HLV machine.

Disassembly Steps:

These are somewhat disorgainized notes I copied from my notebook. They are probably too detailed for anyone with common sense, but I wanted to remember the order of the steps as well as the location of some obscure fasteners.

Removing the carriage Removing the spindle

View into motor cabinet from front. Belt has been removed.

Spindle front showing, left to right, the preload ring, two ball bearings, the spindle nose retaining ring, the spindle end with Hardinge taper.

Spindle rear showing, left to right, gearbox drive gear (it is in one piece with the ring that has the set screw hole), bearing retaining ring, rear ball bearing.

Headstock nose after spindle removal

The current state of the disassembled machine.
Removing the headstock Removing the gearbox

Removing the control levers:

Removing the dovetail way

Cabinet top before cleaning and painting