Continued multiplication

When a factor is already in the result register, you may carry on additional multiplications by this means:

Enter the next factor on the keyboard with the last significant figure diminished by one. Enter N more trailing zeros to the factor where N is one less than the number of digits visible in the result register. We want the least significant digit of the new factor to line up with the most significant digit in the result resgister

Lock down the multiplication key.

Now press the adding bar the same number of times as the most significant (left-most) figure in the result.  In this process, the most significant figure will be disturbed, but all the lower digits will stay the same.

Press the shift right key.
Now use the second-most-significant figure of the orginal result as the cycle count for the adding bar. Before you start adding, this digit will still be intact from the original value.

Shift right again and continue until you have reached and cycled the least significant figure of the original result.

The result register now contains the continued product.

During the adding cycles, it helps a lot to keep your eye on the result register because the most significant digit that is not changing is the next cycle count you will use after shifting.


We assume you have 123 in the result register and want to multiply by 456
Make sure the key register is clear by sliding the red pointer to the right
Enter 455 on the keypad.
Now add additional zeros to line up the last "5" of 455 with the first "1" of 123
It will always require 1 minus the number of digits visible in the result register

A good way to do this step without counting is to fix you eyes on the most significant digit of the result register and shift your eyes right one digit for each zero you enter until you get to the least significant digit.

In this example, you will have entered 45500.

Lock down the multiplication key.

Keeping your eyes on the result regisiter, note that the most significant figure is "1". Press the adding bar one time. Press the shift-right key. The next undisturbed figure of the result is "2", so press the adding bar 2 times. Shift right again. The last undisturbed digit of the original result is "3", so press the adding bar 3 times. The final answer appears: 56088.

You may continue this process for any number of factors.