FTPDirectory - Change the Windows FTP server home directory


FTP Directory is a tool for quickly changing the Windows IIS FTP server home directory. You don't need to restart the FTP server for the change to take effect. By creating multiple shortcuts to the program with different parameters, you can quickly switch between several FTP home directories.


Save and unpack this archive.


Simply copy the FTPDirectory folder to Program Files or your prefered location.


FTPDirectory is normally used from a windows shortcut.

Create the shortcut by right-click dragging the FTPDirectory.vbs script file icon to the desktop and selecting Create Shortcut Here from the pop-up menu.

Next, change the name of the shortcut file to reflect your intended usage, e.g. Set My FTP Directory to Erglarb. As you probably know, no file extension is needed on shortcut files.

Right-click on the shortcut and select Properties. The path to the FTPDirectory.vbs script will already be correct. In the Target: box, append the path to your desired FTP home directory.

In the example shown below, the shortcut is configured to set the FTP home directory to "C:\Erglarb"

Shortcut properties

Running the program

Just double-click on the shortcut.

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